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 Spring Season 
April to June

As winter fades away & days get longer we head into spring. We step up our preparation for the height of Flooding Season and prepare our Shelter Equipment and Supplies. We take our Monthly Training Sessions outside & introduce some of our newer members to our vehicle and equipment. A few of our major planned spring activations are for supporting the Annual Earth Day Celebration, the “Walk like MADD” Charity Event along with  the Hamden Annual Road Race & Festival.

Summer Season
June to August

With the days getting longer, we get busy with many preplanned events. With concerts, festivals and road races, we are busy just about every week! Severe weather events are always a possibility and we remain ready for the likelihood of being activated for these emergencies also. Sleeping Giant State Park becomes very active with brush fires, lost hikers and fall victims. We are always ready to serve our community and assist our 1st Responders for any activation that we are called for.

 May 18, 2019

CERT Members come out to prepare the Hamden CERT Vehicle (EM44) for the upcoming summer season! 

Thank you to our members who came out today and gave up their Saturday morning to clean, inventory and restock our vehicle. With all of the winter supplies and equipment put in storage and the summer equipment now on board, we’re ready for the upcoming summer months.We have also added a garden hose, detergent, facial wipes and all supplies needed for Firefighter Gross Decon at fire incidents. 

 Thanks again for the great team effort!.

 May 8, 2019

"Stop the Bleed Training" was provided for Hamden CERT Members during National Stop the Bleed Month!

We salute 30 of our Hamden CERT Members who attended our May, Regular Monthly Meeting and Training Session! A Special Thanks goes out to Retired Hamden Battalion Chief Bill Fitzmaurice and North Haven Deputy Fire Chief Scott Martus for their informative presentation on Stop the Bleed. All of our students were instructed on Hemorrhage Control and had the opportunity to practice hands on training for the application of tourniquets and wound packing procedures. 

Photos by Hamden CERT Member John Homer 

  January 21, 2019   

Hamden CERT Activated to open a secondary warming center for the victims of the Ice Storm, impacting over 5,000 residents! 

Hamden CERT was activated to open and assist with a Warming Center for the thousands of Hamden residents that were without power and heat over the last 24 hours. Thanks to our 9 Team Members who came out and also donated snacks to the folks who were impacted by this ice storm. Also, our gratitude to Falcon Pizza for stepping up again for our folks in need!


People helping people, great work team!

     Hamden CERT, Annual Report 2019

The Hamden CERT Program had a very busy year providing service to the Hamden Community. Along with the many Planned Community Events the team was also active with Public Service, Emergency Activations, Emergency Preparedness, Public Education and our ongoing training schedule. Hamden CERT provided logistical support to Hamden Fire Department, Hamden Police Department, Hamden Parks & Recreation, Town Center Park Commission, Hamden Arts, Keefe Community Center, and the Hamden Veteran’s Commissions along with the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters. We also were instrumental in the 2019 Hamden Holiday Food & Toy Drives that took place over the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Seasons!


On April 11th, we graduated 9 students from our 15th CERT Basic Training Class at the Dunbar Hill Fire Station.  We conducted our 2nd class (Hamden CERT Basic Training Class #16) that started in September and graduated 12 students on October 16th.  For more information on our program or the next upcoming free CERT Basic Training Class starting on March 4th, 2020 contact us on Facebook, Twitter or our website at: Here are the details of our activity for 2019.


Emergency Calls - 9 Emergency Activations included Call-Outs for 5 Residential Structure Fires where we assisted displaced occupants and supplied rehabilitation services for our firefighters. CERT assisted with one Warming Center at the Miller Senior Center on January 21st and 2 Cooling Centers that were offered at Miller Senior Center and the Keefe community Center over the weekend of July 20th & July 21st.  Another emergency activation was to assist the Hamden Police Department with the search for a missing person on December 3rd.


Planned Community Events – 13 Request for assistance and logistical support that included: our Fireworks and Summer Concert Series along with the Memorial Day Parade Set-up, Hamden Expo, Brooksvale Fall Festival, The Hamden Festival & Road Race, Earth Day, (2) Food Truck Festivals and the Silver Bells Holiday Venue.


Public Service/Public Education – 29 We offered over 40 hours of basic training to our civilian residents along with review classes for our sworn members at our 2 Basic Training Classes. Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Information is also distributed throughout the year at special events, with classes given to community agencies on request.


Team Meetings/Training Sessions – 15 As always, safety is a priority for our community and our team members. We study all subjects that keep us aware of hazards as we stay focused on the safety of our community and our team members. Training sessions are done at each monthly meeting along with seminars and Citizen Corp sponsored events. Twenty Six (26) of our members also took a 2 hours course on “Narcan” treatment for overdose victims.


Hamden CERT Members, acting as a major part of Hamden’s Office of Emergency Management volunteered their services over 70 times during the year 2019 to assist our First Responders, Town Officials, Town Commissions, Students, Guests, Neighboring Communities and our Hamden Residents.


We would like to thank Mayor Curt Leng, Fire Chief Gary Merwede, Assistant Fire Chief Charles Lubowicki, the Hamden Police Department, Hamden Legislative Council, Hamden Rotary Club, Dunbar Hill Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Community for their continuing support of the Hamden CERT Program. As always, it has been an honor to serve our community this year with 3,879 service hours and to work alongside of our Town Officials and our Police and Fire Department Personnel when called upon.


Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. Freeman Jr.

About Our Program

Our Vision



Using the skills and training learned in the classroom during exercises, CERT Members can assist their family members and others in their neighborhood or workplace following an emergency incident when professional 1st responders are not immediately available to help.


CERT Members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies and community organizations by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community. ​


Our Mission


During emergencies, the mission of Hamden CERT is three-fold: to first assist our families, then our neighbors and finally our community. After meeting the needs of our family and neighbors, our primary mission is to assist our Police and Fire Services along with our community during any extended emergency operation. 


In non-emergencies, we operate as a team alongside our first responders, especially during large, planned public events. During large-scale emergencies that would deplete the on-duty personnel, we work to supplement them.  Two of our major functions have been rehabilitation of our first responders because of severe weather conditions, and providing assistance to displaced citizens. We are honored to be a major partner in the structure of Hamden’s Office of Emergency Management.

CPR and AED Training for CERT Members 

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -  18 Hamden CERT Members came together  for our CPR, AED Training and Recertification. A special thanks goes out to Hamden Fire Chief Berardesca and also to Training Officer, Lt. Lubowicki who conducted the training. We are also grateful for our Team Members who came out tonight to learn how to;

"Make a Difference!"

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