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Community Events!  

Friday, June 28, 2024
Our 2024
Hamden Independance Day Celebration, draws thousands of people to Town Center Park! 
Happy Birthday America! 

We enjoyed a great night of fireworks, music, food, & fun at the 2024 Hamden 4th of July Fireworks Celebration at Town Center Park. Thanks to our 22 Members who came out to assist with crowd management, special needs transportation and First Aid Stand-by. It was a beautiful night with a crowd that was well over 7 thousand patrons throughout the park!

Fireworks24, Jamie, Joe.jpg
Fireworks24, Cart 1, Paul.jpg
Fireworks24, EM44.jpg
Fireworks24, C22, Jay, Rich, Rob, Joe.jpg
Fireworks24, Fred, Tobio, Shannon.jpg

Saturday Through Tuesday, June 8th - 11th, 2024
Over the 4-day period, Our Hamden CERT Members Have Volunteered 189 Service Hours Assisting With 3 Separate Venues.

At our Hamden Festival/Road Race on Saturday, June 8th we totaled 117 volunteer hours parking hundreds of cars during the 11-hour day of fun, food and great music. 

On Monday & Tuesday , June10th & 11th (When most of our members are committed to their places of employment) we totaled another 72 vollunteer hours providing logistical support & traffic management for the

2-Day Middle School Graduation Celebration. Over 400 students graduated over the 2-day event!

Thank you to our dedicated members who always find the time to reach out, even with their busy schedules, to support our team, our town and most of all, Our Community!

Fest 24, Great Shot.jpg
Fest 24, Main Field_edited.jpg
HMS24, Group, with Staff.jpg
Hamden CERT wishes all of our Friends and Followers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2023 Holiday Season! 

From all of our Hamden CERT Members, along with Santa Claus (Who is a sworn member of our team, he just wears a different uniform!) we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Safe Holiday Season. Santa has kept us very busy over the last few weeks and as you can see from some of the pictures, we loaded our CERT Van each week and the Keefe Center with tons of toys to make sure he has enough for all of the good boys and girls!


Thanks also to our community partners, Hamden Community Services, Hamden Mayors Office, Hamden Police and Fire Departments, Our Hamden High School Students & Athletes along with Aldi’s and Walmart for being great associates! Last but not least we thank our CERT Members who gave us some of their weekend time and volunteered a total of 149 Service Hours over the 3 weeks!


Special thanks go out to Ann Marie from Hamden Community Services for running the show, doing the shopping and always having our supplies ready! We also are thankful for the lunches and snacks that she supplied to us, and our helpers for each of the 3 weeks! From our Hamden CERT Family to yours, have a Safe Holiday Season & Very Merry Christmas! 

Most of all, Thank you to all of the Kindhearted Folks who took the time to drop off toys or make a monatary donation! Without your generosity, Santa would not be able to make Christmas a Special Day for so many of our Hamden Kids, God Bless You! 

Toys23, CERT Group at Table.jpg
Toys23, Cops, Scott, Billy O.jpg
Toys23, Dave B.jpg
Toys23, Dave, Mayor & Bob.jpg
Toys23, Alan C.jpg
Toys23, Abigail kissing Santa.jpg
Toys23, Keefe Gym2.jpg
Toys23, Keefe Gym with Toys.jpg
Toys23, Group, PD & Fire.jpg
Monday, May 30th 2022
Hamden Memorial Day Parade  
Memorial22, Group Photo, Better.jpg

Thank you to our dedicated Hamden CERT Volunteers, who came out on their day off to support our town parade and pay tribute to our U.S. Military Personnel, who died while serving in the United States armed forces.


After getting the marchers and units in position at the high school for the start of the parade, our members headed over to the middle school to help with the conclusion of the parade. Then, most importantly, we took the time to attend our towns Memorial Service to our military members who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to secure our safety and freedom. God Bless America, our veterans and their families for their sacrifice.

"Never Forget!

Our Hamden CERT Members Completed A Busy 2022 Holiday Season With Supporting 5 Holiday
Food & Toy Drives!   

On Saturday, December 17th our Hamden CERT Members, along with the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters and Hamden Police completed our 2022 Holiday Food & Toy Drives over the last 5 weekends! All of these efforts supported the Hamden Community Services at the Keefe Center to donate to families in need. Thank you to Stop & Shop and Aldi’s for allowing us to be in front of their businesses.

A special “Thank you” goes out to all of the caring and kind folks who took the time to buy some groceries, toys and/or make a monetary donation! Thanks to you, many of our neighbors, families and children will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

From all of our Hamden CERT Members, again, "Thank You" for helping out and making a difference for our community! We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Very Happy, Healthy & Safe Holiday Season!

Food Drive 1, 2022, Keefe.jpg
Toy Drive 2022, HPD & CERT.jpg
Food Drive 1 2022.jpg
Food Drive 1, 2022, inside 44.jpg
November 2021
Hamden CERT Members joined Hamden Police, Hamden Community Services, Hamden Volunteer Firefighters along with the players & staff of the Hamden High School Football & Girls Basketball Teams for the 2021 Holiday Food & Toy Drives! 
Toys, 2021, Group good.jpg

Thank you to all of the Warm-Hearted Folks who stopped by the Hamden Mart over the last few Saturdays to drop off toys, food or to make a monetary donation towards the Hamden Holiday Toy/Food Drive! All donations will be distributed by the staff of the Hamden Community Services Department at the Keefe Center on Pine Street. 

Thanks to you, will filled our CERT Vehicle again from front to back with many toys & food items to help make a difference for those in need, this holiday season. Thanks also to the Staff of the Hamden Community Center, Hamden PD, Hamden Vol. Firefighters and the staff, members & parents of the Green Dragons, High School Football & Girls Basketball Teams! Your thoughtfulness will make it a Merrier Christmas for many children & families in our Hamden Community.

Silverbells2021, Santa in 44. .jpg
Silverbells21, Pauline, Wendy & Laura B.
Silverbells2021, santa & Dave_edited.jpg
Santa _ 44, 3.jpg
 Tuesday, July 26th  2021
Hamden CERT supports the 19th Hamden Community Food Distribution that was held at the Hamden Middle School. 

With this distribution being our 19th since we started in March of 2020, we  have supplied well over 4,400 portions of food to our community during the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you to the Hamden Police, Hamden Board of Education, Hamden Community Services, CT. National Guard Personnel and all of the many Quinnipiac Students and other volunteers who have spent hundreds of hours help those in need during these trying times! 

Under warm & sunny skies, 16 Hamden CERT Members along with other volunteers, assisted with the 19th Hamden Community Food Distribution, sponsored by the Hamden Board of Education and Hamden Community Services.


Over 150 portions of food were distributed over the 2-hour event. Thank you also to the QVHD Staff who were also on-site offering COVID-19 Vaccinations to any of the patrons who were interested.

POD19, CERT Girls loading cars.jpg
POD19, Hector, loading cars.jpg
POD 19, Food Table.jpg
POD19, 44 & 22.jpg
Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hamden CERT helps out with the final day of the 2020 Holiday Season Toy & Food Drive with Hamden Community Services, Hamden Police & Volunteer Firefighters !

On a raw & rainy Saturday, Hamden CERT along with Hamden Community Services, Hamden Police and Hamden Volunteer Firefighters were delighted to handle the "Deluge" of Toys, Games, Bikes and Food Items that were dropped off by so many Good-hearted Citizens! We thank all of you who went out of your way today to stop by and make a donation that will mean so much for our neighbors and their children who are in need during this Holiday Season.


"BTW, Santa wanted to send a Special Thanks to Chris & Donny for all of their hard work & efforts that make this great event happen!"

Toys, 2020, Gang at Keefe..jpg
Food 20, Group with Santa.jpg
Food 20, Sha & Jaimer.jpg
 Thursday, July 9th, 2020
Hamden Board of Education Graduates 400 High School Seniors, adhering to all CDC COVID-19 Restrictions at Hamden Town Center Park 

Congratulations to the 2020 Hamden High School Graduates!

Thank you to the 16 Hamden CERT Members who made the effort to support this great event! It was our honor to support Hamden Public Works, Hamden BOE and the High School Staff.  We endured the COVID-19 logistical and weather challenges with great teamwork, to make this Drive-by Graduation a safe and memorable success!

High School Graduation 2020.jpg
Grad 2020 Field, w Vic! .jpg
High School Graduation, Weather
The Members of Hamden CERT wish all our followers a Merry Christmas & a Very Happy, Healthy & Safe Holiday Season!

Saturday, December 7, 2019 

We were happy to support the 2019 Annual Hamden Silver Bells Holiday Celebration at Town Center Park 

Hamden CERT Members joined Hamden Police, Hamden Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Police Explorers for the 2019 Holiday Food & Toy Drives! 

Thank you to Hamden Police Captain Kevin Samperi, Lieutenant John Sullivan and other members of the Hamden Police Department for the organization of the Hamden Holiday Toy Drive that took place over Saturday & Sunday at the Hamden Mart! A “Special Thanks” goes out to Don & Chris Buchelle who made this Toy Drive possible with the help of the folks at our Walmart! Thank you also to the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters who were at Stop & Shop and received many donations for the Holiday Food Drive that will aid so many folks in need this Holiday Season! “Thank you Quinnipiac University” for your very generous donation, you guys went above and beyond and it’s so appreciated!

Last but not least, “Thank you to our 14 CERT Members” who volunteered a good part of their weekend to make sure that there will be many Hamden Children who will be very happy this Christmas morning! We were able to double our donations from last year and we thank everyone who took the time to stop and say Hi, purchased toys, emptied their ashtrays and those who really dug deep to make so many generous donations to this great cause! You are the folks who made it happen! All the members of Hamden CERT wish you, your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season! Hamden Proud! 🎅


 June 7th through June 28th, 2019
Hamden Summer Concert Series
Hamden Town Center Park 

We had nothing but thankfulness and gratitude from many patrons who attended the Summer Concert Series at Town Center Park. Many stated; that it was one of the best series in the last 10 years! Thanks to the Hamden Parks Department, Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commissions for making this great event happen! It was very rewarding to hear the appreciation of so many seniors who traveled here because of Hamden being the only venue that provides special needs transport from and back to their private vehicles! 

Thank you also to our Hamden CERT Members who parked hundreds of cars and managed a very heavy traffic volume, both incoming and directing all of the party goers who were exiting at the end of each venue. As always our team performed flawlessly and as you can see, we had fun serving our community and the many visitors who attended!

Thank you to our Team Member John Homer for the pictures and we hope to see all of you again next year!

CRT2, 2019 EM44.JPG
CRT2, 2019 Tom M..JPG
Crt2, 2019 Crowd from top of hill..jpg

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Hamden CERT Members support the Hamden / North Haven Relay for Life 2019 at
Town Center Park!

Relay for Life Banner.jpg
Relay for Life.png

Thanks to our Hamden CERT Members & the Crew from Relay for Life for a beautiful day & heartfelt tribute to cancer survivors, those we have lost, those in the fight & family & friends of all. 
"We will continue to fight the fight!"  


Monday, May 27, 2019
Hamden CERT Members assisted the Hamden Veteran's Commission with the Memorial Day Parade!

Annual Tribute to our Veterans who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom

Old Glory.jpg
American Warriors.jpg
     "All Gave Some, Some Gave All." 

Thank you to our Members who helped out at the Hamden Memorial Day Parade today and were part of the Great Tribute to our Fallen Veterans and their families! God Bless America! 

Memorial19, Dave & Jeep.jpg

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Hamden Silver Bells Celebration, 

Hamden Town Center Park

Thank you to our Hamden CERT Members who came out on Saturday, December 1st to assist at the Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commission’s “2018 Silver Bells Celebration.” With warmer than expected weather and a good size crowd, we were able to assist Santa with putting countless smiles on many children’s faces.


A special thank you also goes out to the Hamden Arts & Town Parks Commission, Hamden PD, Hamden Public Works and the Hamden Rotary Club for all their efforts that made this event so successful!

SB18, Shannor & Laura.jpg
SB18, Santa's arrival.jpg

Hamden Police Department's
"Trunk or Treat Halloween Party" 
October 28, 2018

Thank you for the great job done today by the Hamden Police Department, the Hamden Police Explorers and the Hamden CERT Members who assisted at the 1st Annual Hamden Police Department Trunk or Treat Celebration at the Hamden High School. Thank you to the Hamden Firefighters and the crew from AMR who also came out.


Thanks also to the many folks who dressed in their costumes and decorated their vehicles, to give out candy to the many Treaters who filled their buckets at the Hamden High School Parking Lot. It was a total party atmosphere as kids and adults danced to the tunes from DJ Bri, who got everybody moving! It was a great afternoon with a great crowd, great parents and many happy kids! Thank you Officer Angela Vey and her fellow officers for an outstanding job!

I guess that we’ll start assembling our decorations for next year!

Trunk18, Limbo 2.jpg
Trunk18, Crowd 2.jpg

Hamden Community Events Season comes to an end with the 5th Annual Food Truck Festival!  
October 5, 2018

On Friday evening, October 5th Hamden CERT Personnel assisted at Town Center Park for the Annual Fall Harvest Food Truck Festival. This end of season event was the 17th Town Sponsored Community Event that received assistance from the Hamden CERT Members. Starting back on April 18th and throughout the spring and summer season, CERT provided parking and crowd management, a public information station and a first aid station at all events. CERT also assisted special needs patrons with golf cart transportation to and from their vehicles so that they could enjoy evening concerts in the park with family and friends.

Thank you to all of our volunteer members and North Haven CERT Members for their countless hours of assistance and community service. Thank you also to the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commissions along with the Mayor’s Office and Staff who provided for the many hours of enjoyment with food, friends, fireworks and music!

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