Community Events!  

 June 7th through June 28th

Hamden Summer Concert Series


Hamden Town Center Park 

We had nothing but thankfulness and gratitude from many patrons who attended Concert #2 last evening at Town Center Park. Many stated; that it was one of the best concerts in the last 10 years! Thanks to the Parks Department, Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commissions for making this great event happen! It was very rewarding to hear the appreciation of so many seniors who traveled here because of Hamden being the only venue that provides special needs transport from and back to their private vehicles! 

Thank you also to our Team Members who parked hundreds of cars and managed a very heavy traffic volume, both incoming and directing all of the party goers who were exiting at the end of the venue. As always our team performed flawlessly and as you can see, we had fun serving our community and the many visitors who attended! Thank you to our Member John Homer for the pictures and we hope to see you again next week!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hamden CERT Members support the Hamden / North Haven Relay for Life 2019 at Town Center Park!

Thanks to our Hamden CERT Members & the Crew from Relay for Life for a beautiful day & heartfelt tribute to cancer survivors, those we have lost, those in the fight & family & friends of all. 
"We will continue to fight the fight!"  

Monday, May 27, 2019

Hamden CERT Members assist the Hamden Veteran's Commission with the Memorial Day Parade!

Annual Tribute to our Veterans who gave all for our freedom!

Thank you to our Members who helped out at the Hamden Memorial Day Parade today and were part of the Great Tribute to our Fallen Veterans and their families! God Bless America! 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Hamden CERT facilitates 2 Substantial Events on the Same Day!

"Skys were Dreary but Team's Performance was Brilliant!" 

It was an honor to watch the Hamden CERT Members today, as they facilitated two substantial venues at the same time! Their coordination, communications and teamwork at both venues, allowed our community to enjoy a fun filled day for both children and adults. With the MADD Walk setting out earlier in the day and the Earth Day Celebration following soon after, CERT members did an “outstanding job” performing traffic and parking management (for hundreds of vehicles) along with assisting the many vendors and patrons of both events! The weather conditions were far from perfect, which allowed us some training in Rehab (for ourselves) and Cold Weather Operations! When the winds were sustained at over 20 mph, limited sunshine and chill factors in the 30’s our members held their positions and performed their assignments flawlessly!  

For many of our newer members, a “Special Thank You” goes out to you for assisting us under some demanding conditions! It was so impressive, how you blended right into our operations and at times, performed far above our expeditions! During your most recent training we spoke many times about how CERT can make a difference, well today that was put to a test and because of our team efforts; we met our objectives and succeeded in meeting that challenge! Thank you again for your service to our community and to our team effort!

December 1st, 2018

Hamden Silver Bells Celebration, 

Town Center Park

Thank you to our Hamden CERT Members who came out on Saturday, December 1st to assist at the Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commission’s “2018 Silver Bells Celebration.” With warmer than expected weather and a good size crowd, we were able to assist Santa with putting countless smiles on many children’s faces. A special thank you also goes out to the Hamden Arts & Town Parks Commission, Hamden PD, Hamden Public Works and the Hamden Rotary Club for all their efforts that made this event so successful!

2019 Event was cancelled because of rain! (See ya next year!) 

Hamden Police Department's

"Trunk or Treat Halloween Party" 

October 28, 2018

Thank you for the great job done today by the Hamden Police Department, the Hamden Police Explorers and the Hamden CERT Members who assisted at the 1st Annual Hamden Police Department Trunk or Treat Celebration at the Hamden High School. Thank you to the Hamden Firefighters and the crew from AMR who also came out.


Thanks also to the many folks who dressed in their costumes and decorated their vehicles, to give out candy to the many Treaters who filled their buckets at the Hamden High School Parking Lot. It was a total party atmosphere as kids and adults danced to the tunes from DJ Bri, who got everybody moving! It was a great afternoon with a great crowd, great parents and many happy kids! Thank you Officer Vey and her fellow officers for an outstanding job!

I guess that we’ll start assembling our decorations for next year!

Hamden Community Events Season comes to an end with the 5th Annual Food Truck Festival!  

October 5, 2018

On Friday evening, October 5th Hamden CERT Personnel assisted at Town Center Park for the Annual Fall Harvest Food Truck Festival. This end of season event was the 17th Town Sponsored Community Event that received assistance from the Hamden CERT Members. Starting back on April 18th and throughout the spring and summer season, CERT provided parking and crowd management, a public information station and a first aid station at all events. CERT also assisted special needs patrons with golf cart transportation to and from their vehicles so that they could enjoy evening concerts in the park with family and friends.

Thank you to all of our volunteer members and North Haven CERT Members for their countless hours of assistance and community service. Thank you also to the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden Arts and Town Center Park Commissions along with the Mayor’s Office and Staff who provided for the many hours of enjoyment with food, friends, fireworks and music!

Hamden CERT Upcoming Events


Note: Public Event starting times are for the General Public. CERT Member's event reporting times are much earlier! 

Monday, November 11th, "Veteran's Day" We'll be at Helen Street & Hamden Middle
School for Ceremonies!
"God Bless Our Veterans & their Families!" 
Wednesday, Nov. 14th, Monthly Meeting & Training, Dunbar Hill Station 8, 7:00 pm. 
Monday, November 11th, "Veteran's Day" We'll be at Helen Street & Hamden Middle
School for Ceremonies!
"God Bless Our Veterans & their Families!" 
Wednesday, November 14th, Monthly Meeting & Training, Dunbar Hill Station 8, 7:00 pm. 
Saturday, December 7th, "Silver Bells Celebration", Town Center Park, 3:00 pm. 

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