Emergency Activations!  

Month of October 2021
"Thank you to our Hamden Fire, Police and 911 Communicators during a very busy, few weeks!" 

It’s been quite busy over the last few weeks for Hamden CERT along with the Hamden Fire Department. Two Multi Alarm Fires occurred within 10 days. One on Kaye Vue Drive, October 14th (unfortunately a fatal fire) and the other on Mix Avenue, close to a week later, October 28th. Fortunately, Hamden Firefighters were able to rescue 2 occupants from the Mix Avenue fire and definitely saved their lives!

This is the 5th Multiple Alarm Fire that Hamden CERT has responded to this year with one of these being a 5 Alarm Fire that accrued on Mix Avenue, June 26th. Our CERT Members assisted at all these incidents providing rehabilitation services and logistical support for our firefighters, along with offering assistance to the many displaced residents.


"With the heating season upon us, please remember to use caution with all heating and cooking devices and make sure to regularly check your Smoke & CO Detectors. Having these detectors maintained and functioning correctly, can keep you and your family safe!" Thank you again to our Hamden First Responders for the outstanding work that they do for all of our residents, and visitors. Many in our community are not aware of the protection provided by our Hamden Fire, Police and Emergency Communicator’s (911 Operators) who are there for us, every hour of every day & night!

Kaye View Drive, Venting_edited_edited_e
Mix925, Paul, Carol, Debbie_edited.jpg
October 14, 2021 
Hamden CERT Responds to a 3 Alarm, Multiple Family Dwelling Structure Fire that Claims One, Injures 1 & Displaces residents of 6 apartments. 

Thursday, October 14th @ 20:20 hours, Hamden CERT Members activated/responded to 195 Kaye Vue Drive and were part of this multi-agency coordinated effort. Thank you again to the Command Staff & Members of the Hamden Fire Department for their aggressive fire and rescue efforts under severe conditions! This fire required the full on-duty force of the Hamden Fire Department along with Mutual Aid Departments during this 3 Alarm Fire. Unfortunately, the occupant of the fire apartment was deceased and occupants of 6 units had to be relocated. Hamden CERT Members assisted with Firefighter Rehab and assisted Hamden Community Services and the American Red Cross with logistical support and the relocation of the occupants who were not able to return to their apartments. Thank you to the members of all agencies that were involved in this incident.

Kaye View Drive, Venting.jpg
Kaye, Dave & Les_edited.jpg
Kaye, Command Staff_edited.jpg
June 26, 2021 
Hamden CERT Responds to a 5 Alarm, Multiple Family Dwelling, Apartment Fire along with Hamden Fire Department and 7 other Local Mutual Aid Departments.  

On Saturday evening, June 26, 2021, the Hamden Fire Department responded to the report of fire & smoke on the roof of a Multi-Family Apartment Building located at 925 Mix Avenue. "Chestnut Hill North" On arrival, heavy fire conditions were discovered on the roof with extension into the open space between the roof and the third floor ceilings. Multiple Alarms followed that dispatched over 7  Mutual-aid Departments from many surrounding towns!

Hamden Fire Chief Gary Merwede says he's unsure when, if ever, they will be allowed to live inside because of the damage, but he feels blessed no one was seriously injured.

"This was a very labor intensive operation, pulling ceilings and ripping back the roof. (See photos below!) "There were solar panels we had to take off of the rubber roof. Then, insolation and ply wood, and then we had to drop the ceilings on the third floor as well,"

Chief Merwede explained.

This was a huge challenge that needed the assistance from many neighboring towns.

Now, the investigation continues with the State Police, along with local authorities and so far, the cause is undetermined.





















Hamden CERT Members responded on the 2nd Alarm Assignment and assisted the operations with Firefighter Rehab, assisting the American Red Cross with processing and  transport of many displaced residents and many other logistical duties throughout the early morning hours. The fire was declared "under control" in about 3 hours and the Hamden CERT Personnel cleared the scene at 08:00 hours on Sunday morning after transporting multiple displaced residents to local hotels. 

Mix925, 3rd Floor Damage.jpg
Mix925, Roof Damage.jpg
3rd. Floor Hallway Ceiling
Aerial view of roof & solar panels. 
"This was one of the Largest Multi-Alarm Fires in the History of the Hamden Fire Department!" 
Mix925, Paul, Carol, Debbie.jpg
Mix925, Debbie in Charge!.jpg
Mix925, Joe, Paul, ARC_EM44.jpg
Mix921, Paul with cooler_edited.jpg
Mix925, Rehab Table.jpg
MIx925, Rehab in Chairs.jpg
Mix925, Bob & Joe_edited.jpg
Mix925, EM44, Bob, Paul & Joe_edited.jpg
March 9, 2021 
Hamden CERT Responds on 2nd Alarm Residential Structure Fire that Claims One & Injures Two. 

On March 09, 2021 the Hamden Fire Department was dispatched (10:16 PM)) to a fire at 775 Hill Street that was called in by numerous neighbors. The HFD arrived on-scene at 10:20 PM. Assistant Chief Charles Lubowicki reported heavy fire in the breezeway and garage that was spreading into the house.

Two occupants of the home were able to safely evacuate the home. One exited the home through a bedroom window. The other occupant exited through the front door and notified fire department personnel that another person was still inside the house. Rescue crews began an aggressive interior search of the home while other crews worked to extinguish the fire. A 59 year old male was found deceased in the living room. The two other occupants were transported to Yale New Haven Hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. They were both released from the hospital later in the day.

Hamden CERT responded on the 2nd Alarm Assignment with 7 personnel and assisted with rehabilitation operations for the firefighters and cleared the scene at 01:20 hours. 

Hill Street, front 1,2,& 44.jpg
Hill Street, Dave C4.jpg
Hill Street, out front, street.jpg
Hill Steret. Deb. Carp; & Bob .jpg
Hill Street, Roof Crew.jpg
On Sunday, February 7th at 08:28 hours,
Hamden CERT Responded to a 2nd Alarm of Fire @ 306 Pine Rock Avenue, assisting Hamden Fire Department for an apartment fire on the third floor, of the 3 story apartment building. 

On Sunday morning, February 7th Hamden Fire Department Engine 2 along with other units responded to a fire alarm at an apartment building at 306 Pine Rock Avenue, Regency Hills Condos. Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke & heat coming from the third-floor.

The fire department response was upgraded to a working fire and then a 2nd Alarm bringing all Hamden Fire Department units to the scene along with the fire marshal, building official, and the Hamden CERT Team.

The fire was quickly located & extinguished while residents were evacuated. Hamden CERT assisted the operations with temporary shelter of a few displaced occupants, scene safety with ice management of slippery footing conditions and firefighter rehab.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020 @ 14:24 hours,

Hamden CERT responded to a 2nd Alarm of Fire at a multi-family apartment building at 680 Mix Avenue.  Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the garage area and the exposed floors above the area of origin. Four occupants were displaced due to the fire and smoke damage and two firefighters were slightly injured. 

On September 30, 2020 the Hamden Fire Department responded (02:24 PM) to a Two Alarm Fire at 680 Mix Avenue, the Broadmoor Apartments. Four members of the Hamden Police Department arrived first on scene and made multiple entries to evacuate numerous residents from the smoke filled hallways and stairwells of the six story building. All four police officers were treated on scene by medical personnel for smoke inhalation.


The Hamden Fire Department arrived (02:29 pm) and encountered heavy fire in a basement storage area. The fire started in a large industrial trash bin and spread to three adjacent bins. The fire followed a pipe chase to two apartments immediately above the storage area. Firefighters overhauled partition walls in the apartments to extinguish the fire hidden within the walls. Crews then ventilated smoke from all six floors of the apartment building. Residents were able to return to their units at approximately 5:30 pm. Hamden CERT was activated and responded on the 2nd Alarm and operated a Rehabilitation Station for the Firefighters and Police Officers at the scene. Hamden CERT Personnel cleared the scene at 6:30 pm. 

680 Mix, Rehab Group 2.JPG
Mix920, rehab 2 Group.JPG
Mix920, Rehab Group, Sq1.JPG
Mix920, Rehab.JPG

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 @ 13:40 pm 
Hamden CERT responded to a Working Fire at a Private Dwelling at 113 First Street.  Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the rear porch and kitchen of the 1 Family Private Dwelling. Six residents were displaced due to the fire and smoke damage. 

A porch fire caused by improperly discarded ashes displaced a family of five from their home Wednesday afternoon in Hamden, according to fire officials. Hamden Firefighters were dispatched to the home at 113 First Street at 1:40 p.m. Engine 2 arrived at the scene at 1:43 to find heavy smoke coming from the rear of the two-story house.

An attack line was stretched to the rear porch that was heavily involved in fire and the porch fire was quickly knocked down. The fire extended into the kitchen where crews continued to put out hot spots and perform overhaul to check for any further extension.

The Hamden CERT Personnel supplied the family with warm beverages and assistance with the relocation process on their vehicle until the arrival of the Red Cross who completed the process. 

The Hamden Fire Department would like to remind residents to practice fire safety when removing ashes from a fireplace or wood stove. Make sure to place them into a fire-resistant metal can with a tight-fitting lid. Never keep the metal can in or near your home; keeping it at least 10 feet away. Never use a paper bag, cardboard box, or plastic trash bag to dispose of ashes. Never place the metal container next to the firewood pile, against the garage, on or under a wooden deck or under a porch."


Hamden CERT responded Friday, November 8, 2019 @ 02:51 Hours to 
a Working Fire at a Private Dwelling. Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the owner's vehicle and garage of the 1 Family Private Dwelling. Eight residents were dispaced due to the fire and smoke damage. 

Earlier today, November 08, 2019; the Hamden Fire Department was dispatched (02:51 AM) to a fire at 89 Stanley Road. Engine 2 arrived first on scene within 2 minutes of the dispatch (02:53 AM). Engine 2 reported heavy fire coming from an attached garage of a one story ranch style home. The fire in the garage was quickly knocked down by suppression crews. There was a heavy smoke condition throughout the home as crews checked for fire extension in the bedrooms directly above the fire.  Eight people were displaced from the home as a result of the fire including seven family members and a family friend. They are staying with family until they can reoccupy the house. 

Hamden CERT was notified by Central Communications and activated to assist with firefighter rehabilitation and any relocation services needed by the occupants. CERT Personnel assisted on scene and were released at 05:50 hours.  


Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 2:28 pm 
A Working Fire at a Private Dwelling, Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the attic and roof area of the 1 Family Private Dwelling. Three residents were dispaced due to the fire and smoke damage. 

At 2:28PM, companies were dispatched to 17 Grafton Road for a reported residential house fire. Companies arriving on scene at 2:31 reported heavy smoke from the attic. A family of three, home at the time, did not realize an attic fire was burning overhead. All occupants escaped with no injuries. The fire was declared under control at 2:57PM. There were no HFD injuries reported. The Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.


Hamden CERT was activated to assist at the scene and support the Gross Decontamination and Rehab Services for the firefighters. 


Hamden CERT responded Monday, February 25, 2019 @ 2:52 pm to a 
2 Alarm Fire at a Private Dwelling. Hamden Firefighters contained the fire to the structure of origin. Firefighters battled the fire in winds above 30 mph to keep it from extending to other houses!

The Hamden Fire Department was dispatched to a reported house fire located at 114 Fallon Drive at 14:52 hrs. Hamden Central Communications (911) received multiple calls reporting a house fire at this location. Engine 2 arrived on scene at 14:55 hrs. and reported a heavily involved structure with fire showing, and fire exposure to a nearby home.
Unfortunately, the family dog was unable to escape and perished in the fire. Neighbors gave statements to Fire Marshal Brian Dolan regarding the quick spread of fire from the open carport to the attached home.

Firefighters on scene were challenged by gusting winds that accelerated the spread of the fire. A nearby home was damaged by radiant heat and had significant vinyl siding damage. Firefighters were able to keep the fire from extending into this nearby exposure. (See below!)
The home experienced significant heat, smoke and water damage as a result of this event. The displaced family will be staying with relatives in the area. The homeowner and firefighters reported no injuries.

Fallon18, exposure.jpg
Note: The fine effort made to protect the exposure to the right. 
Fallon18, overhall.jpg
Fallon18, Paul at wheel.jpg
Fallon18, Mike & Ed.jpg
 Photos by CERT Member, John Homer 

Hamden CERT responded Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 @ 11:31 hours to a 

2 Alarm Fire at a Single Family Dwelling. Hamden Firefighters rescued 3 occupants of the building who were displaced due to heavy fire damage.

Central Communications dispatched a call for a structure fire located at 453 Newhall Street at 11:31 this morning. Dispatchers had received a call from that location reporting a working basement fire with people trapped on the second floor of the home and unable to escape.
Firefighters made two ladder rescues from the front of the home and one ladder rescue from the rear. A fourth person living in the home was able to escape on his own prior to the arrival of the fire department. He was transported to Yale New Haven Hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. The people rescued from the second floor declined further medical treatment.
Parishioners from the Faith Tabernacle Church on Newhall Street provided emergency shelter for the displaced family and were assisted by the Hamden CERT team until the arrival of Red Cross Representatives, who arranged for emergency lodging.


Newhall Fire, D side, 2, 2019.JPG
Newhall Fire, 2, 2019.jpg

Thursday, December 13, 2018 @ 06:09 pm 

2 Alarm Fire at Multi Family, Condo Complex, Fortunately all occupants of the building were able to escape with no civilian or firefighter injuries reported.

On Thursday evening, December 13th, Hamden Central Communication (911) received a report of a structure fire at 71 Towne House Road. On arrival of the first fire units, a working fire was reported with a heavy fire and smoke conditions throughout the structure. The fire displaced a total of 9 occupants from 4 different units and is under investigation by the Hamden Fire Marshal's Office.

Hamden CERT was on scene for over 5 hours with 7 members offering Logistical Support, Firefighter Rehabilitation and Support Services to the firefighters and police officers on scene along with any displaced occupants. Recognition also goes out to the 911 Dispatchers from Central Communications who did an outstanding job of keeping our town covered with bordering departments who covered our stations during this extended operation, along with other incidents.

"Thank you team for a job well done & thank you to Team Member, John Homer for your great photography!"

Extended Rehabilitation Services provided by Hamden CERT. 
TH18, 5's & 8's.jpg
Th18, Front 2.jpg
TH18, pump panel.jpg
TH18, Front.jpg
Th18, 44, Debbie, dave.jpg
 Photos by CERT Member, John Homer 

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Hamden Neighborhoods continue to recover from Tornado Damage!

  Thank you Hamden Residents!

During the late afternoon of Tuesday, May 15th, a historical weather event changed the lives of many Hamden Residents. A F-1 Tornado took a path through the north end of Hamden and changed the landscape for years to come. After a day a checking for victims, opening pathways and addressing major concerns, the Hamden CERT was activated to establish a POD, (Point of Distribution) and Storm Center at the West Woods School to assist the many victims of this disaster. After a 3 day operation starting on Thursday at 12:00 noon  and ending on Saturday at 6:00 pm. 


Twenty seven (27) Hamden CERT members logged 323 service hours at the Storm Center and served 79 families totaling 234 people. A special thanks to Hamden, Stop and Shop, Shoprite, AAA, Milford Emergency Management, Amici Restaurant of Hamden, Falcon Pizza, and all residents and volunteers for their generous donations.


Now that our operations have terminated on Saturday, May 19th at our Point of Distribution/Storm Center at West Woods School, we would like to take the time to say "Thank you" to the many residents who, impacted by the tornado themselves, came by to donate food, water, coffee, donuts and additional items for other residents who were in need! Thank you to the Bear Path PTA and other Parent-Teachers Associations who made donations! You have made Hamden Proud! 




































It was an honor to serve all residents who stopped by for supplies, a cup of coffee, charge a phone or just spend some time away from the sounds of chainsaws and chippers. The Storm Center became an oasis for a getaway from an ugly scene and the  large amount of damage that affected so many. To the individuals and businesses who supplied dinner, lunch and gratitude to our team members, we thank you! To the Hamden Police Department, AMR, United Illuminating Crews, the many private tree crews, Our Public Works Employees, and our Mayor and Town Officials we say thank you for your dedication and ongoing efforts.


Last but not least, thank you to the Command Staff, Firefighters and Volunteers of the Hamden Fire Department who again went above and beyond the call over the last 5 days! Your assistance and support to our residents during the severe conditions was beyond anyone’s imagination. Your command and control of such a major incident was exemplary! It was a pleasure to witness the unified, hard work of all agencies involved and the ongoing joint efforts that makes us proud to be part of the recovery team.


The strength, compassion and integrity of the Hamden Residents will help them continue to recover through this major event. As history has taught us, we will come back stronger and better prepared for the future because of the lessons learned during this historical event. We were blessed that we had no injuries or deaths, considering the magnitude of damage to our town! 

Thank you again for making Hamden Proud! 









Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 10:07 pm 
Fortunately  all occupants of the Multi Family Apartment Building were able to escape with no injuries reported.

On Monday evening, Hamden Central Communication (911) received a report of a structure fire at 649 Mix Avenue. On arrival of the first fire units, a working fire was reported with a heavy fire and smoke condition throughout the structure. The fire displaced 20 occupants of 8 different apartments and is under investigation by the Hamden Fire Marshal's Office.
Hamden CERT was on scene with 8 members offering Logistical Support, Firefighter Rehabilitation and Support Services to the displaced occupants. 


Saturday, December 26, 2015 - 01:30 hours 

Early Morning House Fire Turns Suspicious.

A tragic house fire on Liliac Avenue is under investigation because of unusual circumstances. Hamden CERT was on scene offering Logistical Support to Local & State Agencies during the fire suppression operations and the initial investigation.


After the fire suppression and overhaul operations were complete, Hamden CERT helped secure the perimeter of the scene, supplied portable lighting for the investigation and cleared the scene at 06:30 hours. 


August 14, 2016 - 4:30 pm Beacon Street House Fire! 
2nd Alarm struck due to a heavy fire condition on a very hot & humid day! 







On Sunday, August 14 at approximately 4:30 pm, Hamden’s Central Communications (911 Center) received a call for a structure fire at 73 Benton Street. On arrival of Engine 2 & Rescue 2, a working fire was transmitted for a heavy fire condition on the third floor, rear.  Additional alarms were transmitted that dispatched the remainder of the on duty paid companies and notified the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters and the Hamden CERT Personnel.

Hamden CERT was special called and dispatched to the scene responding with their Mobile Command Vehicle and 9 personnel. With the severe weather conditions and a heat index of over 100 degrees, the Hamden Firefighters were in need of hydration, rest and other rehabilitating measures.  As the firefighters were rotated from inside the structure, Hamden CERT supplied the firefighters with hydration liquids, cool towels and provided a portable cooling center setting up a tent for shade, two cooling misting/fans and cooling chairs to lower their core temperatures and prevent IV Therapy or hospitalization. One Fire Officer was transported to the hospital with heat related symptoms and we were pleased to hear that he was released later that evening.  There were also 7 residents of the fire building that were displaced. They were brought into the Hamden CERT Command Vehicle that is fully air conditioned. These 7 individuals & 1 canine were given cold beverages and processed for relocation while waiting for Red Cross Personnel who were dispatched and responding to the scene.

 We would like to thank The Command Staff, Officers and Firefighters of the Hamden Fire Department for a great accomplishment conducted under severe conditions. Their commitment and  professional operations prevented any fire casualties and mitigated a very complex fire incident.


Hamden CERT Upcoming Events










Please be advised because of the previous restrictions of public assembly due to the COVID-19 National Emergency, many of the earlier planned community events have been postponed or canceled. We will keep you updated and advise you as we get updated information! 

Tuesday, January 18th, Monthly Training/Meeting, Dunbar Hill Station #8, 7:00 pm. 

Thursday, February 10th, Monthly Training/Meeting, Dunbar Hill Station #8, 7:00 pm.

Thursday, February 18th, Start of CERT Basic Training Class #20, Dunbar Hill, 6:30 pm.


Hamden CERT wishes you and your families a Happy, Healthy & Safe Holiday Season!